Monday, September 17, 2012

PDQ in CRM 2011

Siebel CRM had an excellent concept of providing and customizing a default query that will be executed for each view. They are called Pre Defined Queries shortly PDQs. We can either have public or private PDQs

I was looking into MS CRM for similar concept and the only way is to create new views.
I don't want to create too many system views which will in turn become a management problem. (everything will be public and not all the users want to have those views)

We can however solve this problem by allowing the users to create a user view and then share it with the team. By this way all the users in that particular team will see that user defined view which they can use.
This is indeed better than Siebel solution.

You can find below on how to create a user defined view and how to share it with a team.

Use the advanced find button to create a new user saved view and save the new view.

After creating and testing the view using the Results button, click in the Saved Views button
Click on the share button to share the view with either users or teams.

Select the privileges. By default Read privileges is selected. 

Note: This still required the shared team/users have access to the entity that you are sharing. If they don't have access they cannot see it. So you cannot bypass the security layer posted by MS CRM.

Job Done

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