Wednesday, September 12, 2012

My View and My Teams View in CRM 2011


I have been working with Siebel CRM before and I have been pretty much used to My Views and My Teams views in Siebel. (Position based visibility on records)
We used to have position (team) owned entities like Account, Contact, Opportunity and user owned entities like Activities and SR. Also in case of activities and service request quite often we need to look into your teams activities and teams requests. Although they are user owned entities in Siebel, we used the reporting logic to display this managerial view.

Similarly if we want to achieve a similar kind of functionality in CRM 2011, it's quite simple.

Use the advanced query editor to define the query as below.
Select the owner as the current user OR equal to the current user's teams

Also if you have used Siebel, when you are in Activities view, you will also see a view called "My Contact's activities" or "My Company's Activities". We can achieve the same in CRM 2011 as below. This is quite a powerful feature.

Note: Since these queries are resource intensive use with CAUTION. Use other filter conditions to filter more records. For example, I have used to filter only open activities.

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