Monday, February 13, 2012

How to export a MANAGED Solution in CRM 2011

The following is not recommended and it at your own risk.

In general, MS CRM 2011 allows you to export a Unmanged solution. But in case if you want to update any of the default component of MS CRM, you will not be allowed to do so as the IsCustomizable is set to false.
Also you might encounter situations where you will not be able to extend a previously imported Managed solution or export a Managed solution. However you can override all these if you get access to the SQL database.

Please make a note of the few system tables.
1. SolutionBase - Base table where the solution information is stored - Update the IsManaged to False
2. SystemFormBase - Base table for forms. If you want to update a form, get the form id and set the IsManaged to False. You can filter the forms by using the Solution Id and the Entity Id.

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Unknown said...

You have explained only for the On-premises since we don't have DB access in case of Online environment.

How to do in case of Online?

Unknown said...


If you are compfortable with VS 2010 then try updating the metadata using the metadata org request. I have not tried as we have on premise edition.

Shivam Dixit said...

But what should be done if the components are all managed?


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